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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is the ideal environment for proactive therapy. It combines stress-reduced muscle strengthening with maximum freedom of movement. Rehabilitation specialists now view aquatic therapy as an important adjunct to land-based physical therapy. Due to the unique advantage of exercising in the water, aquatic therapy is used for the rehabilitation of a wide range of pathologies, injuries, and disabilities such as: Spine Injuries, Hip, knee and shoulder replacements, Orthopedic surgeries, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Stroke victims, Athletic injuries, Multiple sclerosis and Balance disorders. Experts agree that rehabilitation exercises in the water may accelerate healing time and reduce the potential for re-injury.

Flexibility exercises are performed more easily in the water than on land, where gravity is a limitation. During all exercise, the resistance of the water matches the applied muscle force. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of re-injury caused by exceeding tissue tolerance levels. Rhythmic movements in the water (both swimming and walking/running) provide a gentle and non-impact environment for improving cardiovascular fitness. Aquatic therapy is especially suited to the rehabilitation of neck and back injuries and recovery from orthopedic surgery.

Aquatic therapy provides an exceptional and unique environment for promoting normal movement patterns and building strength, usually with pain reduction, while minimizing the risk of further injury. In many cases, it is the only alternative for rehabilitation when land-based programs have not provided adequate results.

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